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Sacred Wind does not exist !

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painting, calligraphy, wind, divine, chinese, japanese, kanji, art, LE Xiao Long

Divine Wind, literal translation of the Japanese word Kamikaze !


There is nothing divine in a suicide aiming at kill someone else than oneself !

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2005 : a Women's Year

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painting, woman, portrait, asian, art, LE Xiao Long

After the 2003 Homo Sapiens Spinassien exhibition where I performed all the reproductions (paintings and sculptures), I decided to cross the step and become a painter.


My daughter was five years old, my son was about two and my wife was often away on a mission abroad because of her job. My choice was a compromise that allowed me to be always there for my kids.

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Woman and Dragon : a Love Story

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sumie, art, dragon, woman, nude, chinese, body, girl, sumi-e, painting, LE Xiao Long

Once upon a time, a Dragon and a Princess whose eyes color included all the colors of the world except the red. 

When we asked people who crossed this Princess about the color of her eyes, none of them had noticed the nuances and this combination of warm and cold colors. May be only the Dragon was able to see it !

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France - 法國 (in English)

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The real name of this painting is "Fa Guo" (法國). In Chinese it means "France". If we translate it character by character, France means : "The Country of Law".


From an historical point of view, it's interesting to see how did Chinese translate the name of this country.

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