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Woman and Dragon : a Love Story

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sumie, art, dragon, woman, nude, chinese, body, girl, sumi-e, painting, LE Xiao Long

Once upon a time, a Dragon and a Princess whose eyes color included all the colors of the world except the red. 

When we asked people who crossed this Princess about the color of her eyes, none of them had noticed the nuances and this combination of warm and cold colors. May be only the Dragon was able to see it !

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Postcards online

calligraphy, horse, chinese, sumie, art, painting, sumi-e

In order to satisfy Art lovers cheaply, I am proposing reproductions of my Sumie with postcards.

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Ink : a passion

sumie, bamboo, moon, sumi-e, art, drawing, painting, LE Xiao Long, french painter

Ink is a world I like to share. It's an invitation to travel among forms, strokes, gradations, curves and simplicity. You need to have a passion for Chinese calligraphic brushes to use them. A Chinese or a Japanese calligraphic brush is a noble and savage tool that, with time, shares one by one its secrets. Sumi-e (sumie), a Japanese term, is the Art of ink. I prefer to say it is the way of simplicity and poetry.

I propose to you, with this paper, to travel among 14 inks I painted in 2009-2010.

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Mother and Child Story Board

sumie, mother, child, ink, sumi-e, LE Xiao Long, french painter

Here are four Sumie I painted playing with ancient Chinese characters : Mother and Child.


The oldest ones come from the Great Seal script, before the unification of China by Qin Shi Huang (221 BC).


These four Sumie have been exhibited in 2011. The exhibition's topic was Women and Chinese Characters. If you want to see the other inks of this exhibition after reading this paper, just click and go on "Avaible Inks"section, few ones are still avaible.


Now, let's have a look on this storyboard.

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Seeing the young fugitive woman

ink, sumie, nude, woman, chinese character, sumi-e, drawing, great seal script, LE Xiao Long

This sumie is a kind of rebus made with 4 Chinese characters borrowed from the Great Seal script.


This script was used before the unification of China by Qin Shi Huang (259-210 BC), the first Emperor of China.

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