Career Path and News

From Social Anthropology to Sumie

A-Yi and I, in 1996 - Yilan City - Taiwan
A-Yi and I, in 1996 - Yilan City - Taiwan

My passion for sculpture, painting and India ink was born in 1996 in a small town near Taipei, where I was doing an ethnography on the production of Buddhist and Taoist statues in Yilan City. 

LE Xiao Long (樂小龍) is the name I was given by Taiwanese friends during my ethnographic field work. It means 'Joyful Little Dragon'. In 1997, I graduated from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and received my MA in Social Anthropology the following year. 

My first steps in the world of Art

Lucy, reproduction by LE Xiao Long
Lucy, reproduction by LE Xiao Long

In 2003, the Mayor of Epinay-sur-Seine (France) accepted my exhibition project entitled "Homo Sapiens Spinassien". I realized all reproductions related to this exhibition on 200 square meters. 

In 2005, I decided to become painter and sculptor. In tribute to my sculptors friends of Taiwan, Patrick Le Chevoir became LE Xiao Long (樂小龍)

In 2007 I moved to Auneuil near Beauvais in Picardie (France) and made an exhibition the same year in my new city. In 2008, I participated at the 28th 'Salon de Gisors'. In January 2010, I went to Brussels (Belgium) to exhibit my inks. 

Sumie : a passion

LE Xiao Long - Exhibition 2011 Ons en Bray, France -  D2 Galery
LE Xiao Long - Exhibition 2011 Ons en Bray, France - D2 Galery

Since 2009, I worked mainly with ink. 

In March and April 2010, I made two exhibitions in Beauvais (Picardie - France). The same year in October November, I taught Chinese calligraphy bases for students of elementary schools of Auneuil (Picardie - France) and for adults too. These meetings took place in the Public Library of Auneuil. In the same time, in that place, I exhibited my inks during all the month of November. 

April 2011, I participate in the "CalligraFF Exhibition" in Charleville-Mezieres (Frane). In May, I am invited to the Spring Exhibition of "Rur'Art non-profit organization " held this year in Auneuil. In June, the patron and artist Gaëlle invites me in "Ty Glaz Space" of Beauvais for a month of exposure. The following month, I show my inks at "Garden of Artists", an annual exhibition in the Park of Department's Hotel of Beauvais. 

During the months of September and October I show my inks in the House of the General Council of BreslesI realized 62 new inks for this exhibition which will be called "InkWriting and the Woman." During this exhibition I opened 2 workshops to initiate people to Sumi-e.


In November and December 2011, I am happy to be the first exponent in 2 D Space, a new gallery located in an architectural firm in Ons en Bray.

2012 : Rise and Fall

February 2012, I invited children aged 2 to 8 years old to challenge myself with Ink.

April 2012, my Inks are showed in the Creil Library in the context of the 5th Manga Convention.


I also take part at the 5th Manga Convention of Creil where I invite the children to challenge myself. 

This is an article of the Parisien newspaper : Under the sign of Chinese calligraphy, about LE Xiao Long activity in 2012.
Parisien newspaper : Under the sign of Chinese calligraphy - 2012, December the 9th.

September 2012... The Grim Reaper has hit where we were not expecting it ...


Since this sad day, I took out my calligraphic brushes only on rare occasions. No exhibition and very few creations, except for the challenges and the large ink.


Despite this, verbally committed to the students of Auneuil's College, I signed a partnership with the IBADGINE micro company run by schoolchildren of the " Point du Jour" College in Auneuil (Picardie - France) which will result in the creation of five limited edition badges representing inks that I created especially for this partnership. 


December 2012, I paint an ink measuring 35 meters long at the Auneuil Telethon. Telethon is a French fund-raising event. The same month, children challenged myself to ink the Library of Auneuil.

Septembre 2013 : moving to Bordeaux

I decided to turn to the future and start over. I leave Picardy and settle near Bordeaux, Libourne and Creon.


So the next exhibitions will take place in Gironde, South West of France.

2014 : Transmission and Sharing : Sumie

An article of Le Résistant Newspaper, n°3572 about the exhibition of the children and LE Xiao Long works in Baron, Gironde, France.
Le Résistant Newspaper, n°3572 - 2014-05-29

To pass on, to share ... 25 children in a class composed of 10 years old pupils of the elementary school of Baron (33750 - Gironde - France) learnt the techniques of the Art of Sumi-e. 


This experience, away from openings and exhibitions, was a real pleasure ! 



Thank's to the journalists who made papers and video.

2015 : the desire to ink seems to come back

sumie, nude woman, girl, sumi-e, art, painting, ink, LE Xiao Long
Nude woman - LE Xiao Long - sumie

It took me two years to regain the desire to ink.


However, the pleasure of inking is still not there. That's explain the little number of inks I created this year.


If a day you travel near Bordeaux, Libourneor Creon, please feel free to come and see the inks. The photos don't transmit the reality.


You will find the works of 2015 by clicking here

June 2015 : 3 of my inks are selected for the China Unlimited competition organized by the Mission of China in Brussels!

sumie, pregnant woman, nude, chinese character 道 Dao, sumi-e, art, painting
Dao 道 - LE Xiao Long - sumie
sumie, chinese dragon, energy, china, sumi-e, ink, art, painting
Dragon - LE Xiao Long - sumie
sumie, death, grim reaper, sumi-e, art, ink, painting
The Grim Reaper - LE Xiao Long - sumie

September 2015 : The 3 inks entered into the competition caught the attention of the jury ! They leave for Brussels !

Minister of Chinese Mission to EU, Mister ZHANG Lirong and LE Xiao Long in September 2015 at the Mission of China of Brussels.
Minister of Chinese Mission to EU ZHANG Lirong (on the left), LE Xiao Long (on the right)

2015-09-29 : "Dragon", one of my Sumie sent in Belgium, is exhibited to the Chinese Mission of Brussels at the ceremony organized on the occasion of the National Day of the People's Republic of China.


1st to 18th October 2015 : "Dragon", the sumie exhibited at the Mission of China leaves the scene to be exhibited at the "China Art Gallery Unlimited pop-up" (Maasmechelen Village - Belgium).

2016 : Transmit the passion of Sumie and the Anthropology of Techniques


Since September 2016, I work in a school in Camarsac, a little city between Libourne and Bordeaux (Gironde - South West of France).

The children of Camarsac learn how to use Chinese calligraphy brushes and how to make their own sumie from solid ink sticks and ink stones. The Little Masters are pretty good :)

Anthropology of techniques

Since 3 years, I'm working on Natural Farming according to Masanobu Fukuoka's way, known as "do nothing farming".

I decided to put my work and papers on this site.

In October, I created a new activity of social anthropologist.

My conferences will discuss the farming techniques of Masanobu Fukuoka.