Sacred Wind does not exist !

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Divine Wind, literal translation of the Japanese word Kamikaze !


There is nothing divine in a suicide aiming at kill someone else than oneself !

Kamikaze is a Japanese concept

painting, art, France, Wind, Mother and Child,  Sino-French Friendship,  Sleeping outside kills, The industry of Armament makes a living, etc.
Height paintings of LE Xiao Long

I just found by chance this photo dating from 2008. I invite you to click on it to have a better view about the details of each painting.


This photo sounds strange today.


At the center you can see an oilpainting showing a map of France using traditional Chinese characters 法國. It was an order, I really prefer the orginal painting.


Left of France, means Wind in Chinese. The Japanese use this character to designate the Kamikaze in the expression 神 風 (sacred wind) when they write using Kanji.


To the right of the Hexagon there is a Mother and Child. This painting represents something sacred to me.


Above France, the painting entitled "Sino-French Friendship" represents a Dragon and a nude Marianne.


Top left, "Sleeping outside kills" is a painting I painted to denounce the hypocrisy about labeling of cigarette packs "Smoking kills" in France. Smoking kills, certainly, but it makes so much money to the State !


Top right the painting is a quite topical subject ! "The industry of Armament makes a living ?" It is still a painting related to smoking and hypocrisy of governments facing our health. "Do not smoke, it'll kill you!" we are told while selling weapons !

painting, wind, divine,kamikaze, chinese, japanese, calligraphy, art, LE Xiao Long
Wind - LE Xiao Long - painting

Coming back to the use of the word Kamikaze and to leave no doubt about my last article, I propose to the Media to use the following neologism to describe terrorists committing suicide to make a maximum of victims around them : the Daechiquetés! Referring to Daesh sect and the verbe déchiqueter meaning "shred" in French.


Whether one is French, Chinese, Japanese, etc., an act to destroy someone else will never Divine !

LE Xiao Long


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