Bloody Friday 

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France in mourning, attacks in paris, november 2015

Just 8 barbarians can make cry a country. Eight criminals, I don't speak about Kamikazes as the medias does because kamikaze is a Japanese concept and these eight trashcan heartless were not in Paris to fight against militaries.

France in mourning after the attacks

attacks in paris, france, mourning, november 2015

They were just here to kill innocent unarmed people, just here to assassinate peaceful people, just here to butcher, to shoot, to murder !


But you need more than eight guys to organise a bloodshed. Paradoxically, cowards who organized this slaughter love to much life to wear a an explosive belt ! 


They use indoctrinated brainless guys, psychopaths and lost souls to spread death and destruction. They love so much their own life that we will never see them risk their existence. They are too happy to find stupid guys to spread chaos.


There is only one synonym of terrorism, the coward term. That's all !


I'm thinking about people that lost their father, their husband, their mother, their wife, their son, their daughter, their friend. Cowardice has hit ! This is unacceptable.


I am disgusted and sad but I am proud to be French, proud to say that Liberty, Equality, Fraternity is not a dream. This is France, this is the reality the cowards are afraid.

LE Xiao Long


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