2005 : a Women's Year

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After the 2003 Homo Sapiens Spinassien exhibition where I performed all the reproductions (paintings and sculptures), I decided to cross the step and become a painter.


My daughter was five years old, my son was about two and my wife was often away on a mission abroad because of her job. My choice was a compromise that allowed me to be always there for my kids.

My first sumie

sumie, bamboo, art, ink, painting, sumi-e
Bamboo 001 - 2005 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

My first work of this year is a bamboo I painted with ink.


Sumie attracted me but I quickly realized it would take time before mastering Chinese calligraphy brushes.


It is easy to correct an error on a canvas, but ink does not allow any missteps.


I didn't signe this bamboo, I just stamped my little seal at the bottom right of this large sheet of glossy paper called elephant skin (50 x 70 cm).


I know the owner of this ink. She is living in Ares near Bordeaux, South West of France. The next time I would be there, I will take ink and a brush to put my signature ;)


To reassure myself, I decided to paint with acrylic paint. During this year I practised using  ink and Chinese calligraphy brushes to improve myself.

Paintings and one sculpture

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Bridge under snow - 2005 - LE Xiao Long - painting

I started to buy few small canvases I painted with acrylic.


I signed all of them with my real name except for those that dealt with China's topic.




I absolutely wanted  that my artist name, LE Xiao Long (Joyful Little Dragon), be my way of paying tribute to my Chinese sculptors friends from Yilan city in Taiwan. Since 1996, I am still in touch with them. I consider them my second family, my adoptive family.

painting, great wall of China, chinese, moutain, art, painter, LE Xiao Long
The great wall of China - painting


painting, hand, art, LE Xiao Long
Left hand - painting


painting, bamboo, leaves, leaf, art, LE Xiao Long, baron, 33750


A sculpture

sculpture, wooden sculpture, Eve, first woman, apple, LE Xiao Long
Eve - 2005 - LE Xiao Long - sculpture

That year, I carved a small wooden statuette : Eve.


I found a piece of wood eaten by termites during a walk and I found the termites made a really interesting sculpture work.


Add some stain and varnish, a piece of wood found in the garbage and you get the opposite sculpture :)


Eve must be somewhere in my boxes.

Woman and nude

Then came a series of three nudes : The Blue Door, Nude and Shadows and Back to the Fire, three canvases painted with acrylic.

painting, woman, nude, art, body, LE Xiao Long
Nude and Shadows - painting


painting, woman, girl, young, breast, chest, art, body, LE Xiao Long
The Blue Door - painting


painting, woman, art, girl, body, back, chest, breast, LE Xiao Long
Back to the Fire - painting


Two sad paintings

Alone and 人 窮 志 短 (poverty stunts ambition) are pretty sad paintings.


Anxiety attacks, I know them ! I had certainly paint these paintings when I was quite low.

painting, man, art, alone, egg, LE Xiao Long
Alone - painting


painting, man, 人 窮 志 短, poverty, ambition, homeless, art, sitting on a bench, LE Xiao Long
人窮志短 (poverty stunts ambition) - painting


In future articles, you'll see that two other paintings are the logical continuation of this two first ones : Another Form of Loneliness and Sleep Outside Kills.

Nude and portrait

The 2005 year ends with Woman's theme of  with a series of 6 paintings including 4 nudes.

painting, nude, woman, body, girl, chest, breast, art, LE Xiao Long
Fragile - painting


painting, young, woman, girl, blue shirt, art, top buttons, unbuttonedning, LE Xiao Long
End of Day - painting


painting, portrait, woman, red wine, bordeaux, art, glass, LE Xiao Long
Red and Blues - painting


painting, woman, girl, nude, back, art, LE Xiao Long
Bare Back - painting


LE Xiao Long


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