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calligraphy, horse, chinese, sumie, art, painting, sumi-e

In order to satisfy Art lovers cheaply, I am proposing reproductions of my Sumie with postcards.

Calligraphy of horse : sumie

sumie, calligraphy, horse, chinese, china, writting, art, painting
Postcard, reproduction of my sumie 馬, the Chinese traditional character meaning Horse - LE Xiao Long

For the first edition of postcards, I chose my favorite sumie : 馬, that means horse in traditional Chinese.


I hope you enjoy this initiative and this calligraphy.


The price of the original work is 1500 Euros. I understand that it is not accessible to every budget.


The price of a postcard is 10 Euros.


Naturally, if you wish, I will sign the back of the postcard, just let me know when you order it.


Because of you, my work is my life, so this small attention makes sense to me.


Thanks to all of you.



LE Xiao Long


sceau, chinois, LE Xiao Long, baron 33750, artiste peintre

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