Ink : a passion

sumie, bamboo, moon, sumi-e, art, drawing, painting, LE Xiao Long, french painter

Ink is a world I like to share. It's an invitation to travel among forms, strokes, gradations, curves and simplicity. You need to have a passion for Chinese calligraphic brushes to use them. A Chinese or a Japanese calligraphic brush is a noble and savage tool that, with time, shares one by one its secrets. Sumi-e (sumie), a Japanese term, is the Art of ink. I prefer to say it is the way of simplicity and poetry.

I propose to you, with this paper, to travel among 14 inks I painted in 2009-2010.

Travel along sumie

Dear reader, I don't know anything about you. May be you are a businessman, a farmer, a teacher, a student... I don't care about your social and cultural community. I only see a man or a woman whom I could say "Come and drink this tea among bamboos contemplating the moon. It's full moon tonight...

sumie, bamboo, full moon, ink, sumi-e, art, painting
Moon and Bamboo - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

Drinking this tea, I'd probably tell you more about my job. I'm a little bit talkative...  A calligraphic brush is unique and it contains a lot of mysteries. A novice could think there are good and bab brushes, but in fact, a "bad" calligraphic brush is only a brush that have not give away its secret.


"What is it good for... absolutely something" ;). This calligraphic brush may be created only to draw the pine needles of this old bonsai ? 

sumie, bonsai, tree, pot, ink, art, painting, sumi-e
Bonsai - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

When you fill your brush with ink, it can open the door to a world with only the first brushstroke. Sometimes, it's a disturbing world... 

sumie, shark, fish, ink, art, painting, sumi-e, french painter
Shark - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

At other times, it immerses yourself into an universe of love and tenderness. You love hugs, don't you ?

sumie, mother, child, portrait, woman, kid, son, art, painting, ink, sumi-e
Mother and Child - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

Suddenly, the magic of ink and calligraphic brushes lets your imagination run free and takes you away the other side of the world... an other side I love. 

sumie, chinese junk, boat, sail, ink, sumi-e, art, china, painting
Sail - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

After a long journey, you arrives on an other shore, in an other country. You go for a walk around bamboos. It's hot and humid outside, so you take your time and walk slowly.

sumie, japanese garden, bamboo, japanese fence, stone step, art, ink, sumi-e
Japanese garden - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

You stroll in this garden and a fern attracts your attention... Did you see the two little fiddleheads ? Sure you did !

sumie, fern, fiddlehead, ink, art, painting, sumi-e
Fern - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

You are where your steps take you when you notice an orchid. The subtropical climate, with his sounds and smells you don't even know, tries to give you all his presents. Everything is new here but seems so friendly.

sumie, orchid, flower, ink, art, painting, sumi-e
Orchid - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

A water sound let you realise that you are near a pond. You follow this sound and, a moment later, you see some Koi fishes playing in water.

sumie, koi fish, art, ink, sumi-e, painting
Koi fish - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

Then, you raise your eyes and an other scenery is in front of you. A mountain is very close to you !

sumie, tree, mountainside, mountain, art, ink, sumi-e, painting
Tree and Mountain - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

You notice this tree and it make you think that life is not always easy, that sometimes you have to fight to survive. This tree loses you in your thoughts and you are thinking about what is very important for you, like cuddles when you were a child. 

sumie, young girl, boy, child, children, portrait, art, painting, hug, sumi-e, cuddle
Cuddle - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

Then you close your eyes and think about someone you knew... someone you loved.

sumie, nude, woman, girl, breast, body, art, ink, painting, sumi-e
Nude - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

You remember her face and you smile. She is still present in your mind. 

sumie, portrait, woman, girl, face, art, ink, painting, sumi-e
Portrait - 2010 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

At this moment, a friend puts his hand on your shoulder and you stop dreaming. Ink and calligraphic brushes has played tricks on you ! 

Your friend invite you to drink some tea, not just any kind of tea, but a tea for the Kung-fu Cha Ceremony.

sumie, tea, kung-fu cha, ceremony, china, chinese, tea pot, smelling cup, drinking cup, art, ink, sumi-e
Tea - 2009 - LE Xiao Long - sumie

At the moment that you think the reality erased your dreams, your friend tells you "Come and drink this tea among bamboos contemplating the moon. It's full moon tonight...

LE Xiao Long


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