Mother and Child Story Board

sumie, mother, child, ink, sumi-e, LE Xiao Long, french painter

Here are four Sumie I painted playing with ancient Chinese characters : Mother and Child.


The oldest ones come from the Great Seal script, before the unification of China by Qin Shi Huang (221 BC).


These four Sumie have been exhibited in 2011. The exhibition's topic was Women and Chinese Characters. If you want to see the other inks of this exhibition after reading this paper, just click and go on "Avaible Inks"section, few ones are still avaible.


Now, let's have a look on this storyboard.

First sumie

sumie, mother, child, chinese, sumi-e, ink, drawing, painting, LE Xiao Long
Mother and Child Story Board - LE Xiao Long

First ink


The Chinese character on the left is borrowed from the Great Seal script, it means Mother (before the unification of China by the First Emperor). The right one, also comes the Great Sigil. It means Child.



I enjoyed working on these two ancient Chinese characters as if they were bodies. The child is watching his mother as if to say he wants something.


Second sumie

painting, sumie, ink, mother, child, chinese, LE Xiao Long, frenche painter
Mother and Child Story Board - LE Xiao Long

Second ink


Mother seems to move away, then the child try to move closer to her with his hands in the air.


These are the same Chinese characters but these are from Small Seal script (after the unification of China).


Like on the first one, we can imagine that the Mother character took an important characteristic of a mum : the breast, more exactly the nipples of the breast, the normal way to feed her child.

Third sumie

sumie, mother, child, breast, sumi-e, ink, drawing, LE Xiao Long, french painter
Mother and Child Story Board - LE Xiao Long

Third ink


On this third scene of the Story Board, I interpret the vision of the preceding Chinese character that meant Mother. Her head seems to  lean forward the child who is now close to her.


About the mother, I just keep the central axis and separated the breast.

Fourth sumie

sumie, hug, mother, child, ink, painting, drawing, sumi-e, LE Xiao Long
Mother and Child Story Board - LE Xiao Long

Fourth ink


In the last scene, the central stroke of the mother is shifted to the left to get the profile and to give a little glimpse of my work when I am working on the feminine curves. Now, the child can hug his mother.


These four Sumie were worked as if they were a Storyboard  when creating a movie scene. This is a scene as old as human history : the child just wants a hug.

I hope you enjoy these four inks. Sumie is the best simple way to express feelings and to stay a child.

LE Xiao Long


sceau, chinois, LE Xiao Long, baron 33750, artiste peintre

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